Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2001

13:00 GMT – 14.20 GMT

Conference Call




Elizabeth Griswold, Secretary General

Roland Bengtsson, Chairman

Steve Keim, Australasia

Tony Gentile, Australasia

Anita Jarjour, Canada

Jeff Vinyard, United States

Jack West, United States

Joe Doss, United States

Carol Kinkade, United States

Edgar Castillo, Latin America

Hans Mommsen, Europe

Alain Beaumont, Europe


Outstanding Membership Fees

Betsy mentioned that in the year 2000, Latin America has not paid their dues (Check for $6,336.54 was returned, and the second half of year, never paid). Edgar asked the Council to allow them until February 2, 2001 to clear this up. He will be in the Dominican Republic at the secretariat. Steve asked if the problem was whether they would join, or financial. Edgar stated that it was financial problems. Latin America lost all but 35 to 40% of their bottler members (requires passed inspection now). The number of bottler members is now around 60, instead of 150 from 1999.



Reviewed 2000 ledger. We were under budget on several items, such as web site, travel, contingency and legal.


2001 Membership Fees

Betsy has all the 2000 membership numbers from all, but Latin America. Edgar stated to send numbers as soon as NSF sends them a final report on the inspections for bottlers. Joe asked if suppliers would be included in revenue and Tony asked is the 2001 budget would be the same as last year. Betsy stated that the 2001 budget would be similar to last year and would be sent to all by February 5, 2001. We are waiting for the Supplier Committee to get back on their proposal on revenue from them.


Short/Long Term Plan

Roland asked for comments on the discussion paper. The United States commented it was a good start… Bromate issue is important. Canada stated that is was a good start… looks good. Europe remarked the mission should be highlighted more, and the inspection and model code be a higher priority. It is important that we do not duplicate work within the Council that is being done at the Association (member) level. Roland stated that was a good point and brought up the topic of Inspection monitoring.


Steve commented that approval of auditors should be done on the Technical Committee level. Alain agreed and added that logos used be a valued part. Roland remarked that each secretariat should recommend one person to be a part of the start up of a Technical Advisor Committee. Australia has already sent in a CV of their recommendation out of their secretariat. Each Association should send a CV by next week on their nomination for the International Council Technical Advisor Committee. Jeff asked when this had been discussed in the past, that it was news to him. Roland clarified this by saying it came up during informal discussion. Steve added that it was in the discussion and development stage. Jack commented that advisory level would not necessarily be a Technical chair from each Association. Anita stated she would discuss this with the Canadian board and would send comments after February 15, 2001.


Alain asked about inspection agencies and which are approved by the Council? It was his understanding that QUASI and NSF were not approved by the Council, but by the United States (IBWA). Steve mentioned that we need to decide the criteria for approval. Alain stated that auditing was currently by Model Code, mostly national. Did we need to give instruction to each auditor?


Continue to work on Short/Long Term Plan (suggestion from Europe). Minutes to be provide of all formal and informal discussions.


Information Exchange

How do we manage the exchange of information? What policy do we use? Most of the information would be through the web site.


Web Site

Web site should serve the membership, not the public (Europe, United States, Australia, Canada). Anita said that we should have two sections (1) public (2) industry. Tony referred to the excellent web site for the International Soft Drink Council.



Suppliers have asked for more coordination around the world. It is a burden financially on the suppliers. Asia and Latin America will rotate every other year after this year.


Inspection Report (Final 2000)

Reports from each Association to be completed and sent to Betsy. Form was attached to the emailed agenda.


Representatives Attendance

It was recommended that only “official” representatives attend the meetings. Alain suggested only members of Association members. We will take attendance at all meeting, and record to be included with minutes.


Future Meetings

Roland asked that we make more time the Council meetings, at least 2-3 hours. During the European show in March there is a scheduled period of time for the Council to meet (March 6, 2001 from 10:30 am until 12:30 am). Steve, Roland, Bob, Phyllis and Marvan will be there. Everyone is welcome to attend. It was suggested that at least one person from each Association plan to attend each convention around the world.


Roland confirmed Bali will be the next meeting, then Miami in October. At least one conference call in between.


The meeting was terminated at 14:20 GMT




Roland Bengtsson, Chairman                                 Elizabeth Griswold, Secretary-General