International Council of Bottled Water Associations

October 11, 2000

12:00 pm – 2:15 pm

Seattle Convention Center

Seattle, WA  USA




Elizabeth Griswold, Secretary General

Stewart Allen, Chairman

Roland Bengtsson, Vice Chairman

Edmond Tsui, Asia

Ita Thaher, Asia

Steve Keim, Austalia

Anita Jarjour, Canada

Henry Hidell, III, Supplier

Phyllis Rokus, Supplier

Marwan Nesicolaci, Supplier

Jeff Vinyard, United States

Jack West, United States

Jose Santos, Latin America

Edgar Castillo, Latin America

Richard Azera, Europe

Alain Beaumont, Europe



Hans Mommsen, EBWA

Joe Doss, IBWA

Agung Priam Broo, PT. Aqua Golden Mississippi

Janet Tsui, Watson Water (Hong Kong)

Hassan Alireza, Delta Marketing

Rick Hess, Hess Machines International

Carol Kinkade, IBWA

Khahil Tzaboulsi, National Food Product

Emmanuel EEMAN, NV Culligan

Jaap deRego, Aqua-System

Daniel Bindels, OPBV

Ag Olde-Scheqer, Dolphin

John Gilbert, Cottonwood Valley

John Crawford, Cottonwood Valley

Vincent Ducasse, Danone Group

Philippe Caradec, Danone Grou of North Amer.

Bill Bell, Tyler Mountain Water

Jom Pefios, Mineral Wealth

Flavio Santucci, ALEA

Tara White, Berkshire Springs Inc.

Carlos Garciarth, Consozio

Robert Gelbach, QUASI

Alan Leff, QUASI

Hector Guballa, Metro Bottled Water


Each person attending the meeting, introduced themselves to the group.


Chapter Reports





Total number of completed inspection (YTD):            60

Number passed:                                         52

Average Passing Score:                              88%


CPO exams given:                                     62

CPO exams passed:                                   49

Average Passing Score:                              86%


 A total of 49 individuals have been received a plant operators certification. QUASI does all their inspections.


Next convention will be in Bali, on May 22-24, 2001.


Australia – Australia now has 12 bottler members and 19 candidate bottlers. All inspections by QUASI.



Total number of completed inspection (YTD):            18

Number initially passed:                            11

Passed initially and after corrective actions:    18

Average Passing Score:                              76%



A total of 18 inspection completed year to date, 11 passed, with a total of 18 in compliance after corrections. 24 inspections to still be completed by year end. Australia expressed that the International Councils’ ( ?? or did you mean Australia) role is to (1) quality (2) education (3) public relations. The Australian Model Code is almost complete. Bromate is a big issue for them, and they have joined with the soft drink and consumer groups. NOTE: Training by QUASI prior to inspections have made a big difference in Asia and Australia. It has been very successful.


Canada – Membership is 106 members (reduction due to mergers, aquistions, etc. Plant Operator Certification Program is being developed in Canada specific to its regulations. Should be completed by year end.



Total number of completed inspection (YTD):            28

Number initially passed:                            19

Number initially failed:                              9

Passed initially and after corrective actions:    21

Average Passing Score:                              96.5%

Inspections still to be done:                       18


A total of 9 bottlers did not pass the and are in the candidate category. 18 inspections still to be completed by year end. NSF currently performs all inspections, but QUASI was recently approved as a second agency.



Total Membership                                      105

Associates:                                                 9

Bottlers:                                                     25

Distributors:                                               9

Suppliers:                                                   47

Candidate Bottlers:                                    15


Canadian regulations currently in progress are Division 12 (federal) and various provincial water protection issues. The next Canadian convention will be in Calgary, February 15-17, 2001.





Total number of completed inspection (YTD):            25

Number initially passed:                           

Passed initially and after corrective actions:    24

Average Passing Score:                              96.5%

Inspections still to be done:                       25



Total Membership:                                     214

National Associations:                               8

Bottlers:                                                     50

Distributors:                                               104

Suppliers:                                                   60



NSF performs all inspections. IBWA logo is not used by the EBWA, they have their own logo.


Latin America – 125 bottlers, have lost members in Columbia/Peru. Next convention is May 15-18, 2001 in the Dominion Republic.  Did not understand the comments on inspections. I have requested them by e-mail.


United States – A total of 668 members, 307 plant inspections, 232 passed the inspection with an average score of 93.1%, 24 have failed with corrections in progress.



Total number of completed inspection (YTD):            256

Number initially passed:                            232

Number initially failed:                              24

Passed initially and after corrective actions:    232

Average Passing Score:                              93.1%

Inspections still to be done:                       51



Affiliates/Associates:                                 56

Bottlers:                                                     225

Distributors:                                               146

Suppliers:                                                   210

Candidate Bottlers:                                    31



Suppliers – Specific points were made: (1) Convention schedules outlined in advance, (2) Would like to participate in the planning of each chapter show, (3) Would appreciate better coordination on the dates for shows around the world. A quick survey of the chapter shows around the world:


                                                                                       Years planned

Chapter                                   Month                             in advance             Frequency of show

Asia/Australia (same show)     May                                1 year                    every 2 years

Canada                                    February                         2 years                   every year

United States                            Oct/Nov                          5 years                   every year

Latin America                          May                                2 years                   every 2 years

Europe                                     March                             2 years                   every year


Each chapter is asked to e-mail to the Council, details on the all shows now booked in advance (location, dates)


Suppliers have asked that all chapters forward a list of their supplier members (sent this information to the Council and all supplier representatives). NOTE: Cost for suppliers in International Council to be collected within each chapter. Each chapter to send to International Council the fee paid by supplier and a list of suppliers in each chapter. Should be organized by first of year. Role/goals of suppliers within the International Council and each chapter should be outlined.


Financial Review


The International Council reviewed financial data. Dues for next year will be the same. Budget for next year, similar to 2000.


Web Site


All chapters should forward comments to the International Council on Web Site Q & A by end of October.




Subcommittee – Reported that the conference calls held in August were successful. All members were in agreement on the items outlined on table. Cindy Yablonski and Jack West will go as the IBWA NGO representatives. Ms. Yablonski presented our position/presentation. The letter and table sent to Codex was handed out during the meeting. Ms. Yablonski explained procedures during the meeting on presentations. If questions are director to NGO, if unsure of the answer, the bottled water industry representatives would “huddle”. The Council was happy on the unified position moving forward on Codex.


Other Business


Contact information forms were handed out during meeting. All representatives were asked to complete and forward to the Council.


Nomination form for Vice Chairman for next year will be sent next week. Once received all names will be forwarded for a final vote.


Incoming Chairman, Roland Bengtsson, will talk to each chapter and develop a (draft) short and long term plan.


The group congratulated Stewart Allen, as outgoing chairman, for a job well done.


The meeting was terminated at 1:35 pm





Stewart Allen, Chairman                                        Elizabeth Griswold, Secretary-General