International Council of Bottled Water Associations

Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2000

Washington, D.C., USA


Member Attendance

Elizabeth Griswold, Secretary General

Stewart Allen, Chairman

Edmond Tsui, Asia

Ita Thaher, Asia

Tony Gentile, Australia

Marwan Nesicolaci, Supplier

Phyllis Rokus,  Supplier

Henry R. Hidell, Supplier

John LaPides, USA

Joe Doss, USA Secretary

Jeff Vinyard, USA

Lisa Ambrogio, Latin America

Edgar A. Castillo, Latin America

Alain Braumont, Europe

Richard Azera, Europe

Roland Bengtsson, Europe (Hon. Member)



Phil Innes, Blackhawk Molding

Alan Leff, QUASI

Mark Blackstone, Oasis Corp.

Douglas Hidding, Blackhawk Molding

Dennis Bodoh, Allied Purchasing Co.

Vincent Ducasse, Danone Group

Mike Miller, NSF International

Shayron Barnes-Selby, Sparkletts

Philippe Caradec, Great Brands of Europe

Cindy Yablonski, IBWA

Denise Finfrock, IBWA

Joe Rokus, Reid Plastics

Carol Kinkade, IBWA

Shirley Reid-Frahm, Reid Plastics

Rick Hess, Hess Machine International

Max Busetti, IBWA

Stephen Kay, IBWA

Bruce Hadloc, IBWA

Doug Oberhamer, Deep Rock Water Co.

Kathy Ransome, Hidell-Eyster International

Tony Salamone, Sunroc Corporation

Dennis Scully, Cordley/Temprite

Ken Robertson, NSF International

Jerry Rangel, NSF International

Mark Jost, NSF International

Gary Sherlaw, NSF International

Jerry Davis, Ultraviolet Systems


Introductions and Review


All member representatives introduced themselves to the group. Stewart Allen reviewed the activities by the Council over the past 6 months. The Council members (and by-law subcommittee) held many conference calls. Most of the focus has been on administrative: set-up by-laws, bank account, and collecting dues. The approximate breakdown for activities is 80% administrative, and 20% promotion. The next 6 months will be 80% promotion, and 20% administration. Stewart Allen reinterated the objectives of the Council: Promotion and regulatory issues. All members were required to forward their Model Code, By-laws, and outline their program for third-party inspections. All members complied and each has received complete documentation of all above mentioned materials.


Chapter Updates


United States


Jeff Vinyard, Crystal Springs

John LaPides, Snow Valley Inc.


The USA requested the opportunity to address the Council first, the Chairman agreed.


The USA will recommend to its Board of Directors tomorrow to officially join the Council. They pointed out several issues of importance: (1) US membership to Council does not include membership automatically with IBWA. They will offer each Association the opportunity to join as a chapter. (2) Individual companies can join IBWA direct (from outside USA) for $1,300 (USD) plus receive 2 convention registrations. (3) NGO status will continue to be use in cooperation with the Council as previously agreed. (4) Case by case basis on information shared with Council. All studies of mutual interest, the costs should be shared.


Question: (Richard Azera, Europe) What are the services and conditions offered to other Associations? Answer: Services will be offered to stable Associations, it will not be ‘business as usual’. Services will be offered for a cost.


Question: (Tony Gentile, Australia) Australia will continue to send information to all Associations, as in the past. What will the USA send?

Answer: The USA will send regulatory and government actions will be communicated by the USA.


Question: (Alain Beaumont, Europe) Pleased with the USA joining and the NGO to Codex. Concerned that USA communication to Codex would be perceived as US position only. What will the USA do to correct this?

Answer: The USA would present position as ‘International Council of Bottled Water Associations position, both orally and written.


Question: (Stewart Allen, Chairman) Logo use, is it as previously agreed? Could we have clarification?

Answer: The US IBWA logo is not available to be used by non US IBWA members. This includes Associations of the International Council. Worldwide policing of the IBWA logo use will be the responsibility of the US IBWA. The US IBWA will focus on US issues, and supply to other interested parties as needed (at a cost).


Comment: (Edgar Castillo, Latin America) Latin America needs the US information, and their bottlers use the IBWA Model Code. They need assistance with government lobbying.


Stewart Allen welcomed the USA. We will continue to face future challenges and appreciates the USA decision to be a part of the International Council.





Ita Thaher, Secretariat

Edmund Tsui, A.S. Watson’s Water Co. Ltd.



The party inspections – non passing bottlers will be candidate bottler. To date (for 2000) 55 inspections have been preformed. Of these inspections, 52 have passed. Asia has a total of 63 bottler members, and 77 candidate bottlers. A score of 70% with no criticials is required to pass the inspection.


Model Code

Model Code is in progress and by-laws have been submitted to the chairman. Certified Plant Operator program will start in 2000.


Logo Use

IBWA logo registration have been stopped. Currently registered in 18 countries.





Steve Keim, Neverfail

Tony Gentile, Secretariat



NSF International has not been able to provide service to Australia, all inspections done by QUASI. So far, in 2000, 21 inspection has been preformed, 12 passing scores. Still waiting for report on others. A score of 70% with no criticals required for a passing score on inspections.


Model Code

The Australian Model Code has been harmonized with country laws. A draft copy has been submitted to the Council for approval. Tony Gentile reviewed some of the details and requested comments.


Logo Use

Name change to Australian Bottled Water Institute and new logo (pending regulatory approval).





Anita Jarjour, Naya Inc.

Phil Brooks, Polaris Water Company



Bottlers (and Candidate Bottlers) are required to sign up and prepay for their third party inspection. Once the detailed list is compiled for inspections (usually around April/May) it is forwarded to the appropriate inspection agency (NSF International or QUASI). A list of scheduled inspections is forwarded to CBWA prior to inspections being performed to confirm accuracy. The first annual inspection is scheduled with the bottler, all following inspections are unannounced. Once an inspection is performed, a copy of the detailed inspection report is forwarded to CBWA. After our review, CBWA sends a letter outlining specific corrective actions (if any) that are required to comply with the Model Code. Any corrections are sent from the bottler to the CBWA office for their file. Only after consultation with the inspection agency (NSF International or QUASI) are reported corrections accepted. If, on the advise of the inspection agency, a re-inspection is required, the bottler is notified and required to submit to a re-inspection prior to receiving a passing score. After all corrective actions are approved by CBWA and the inspection agency, the bottler will receive the appropriate certificate (Certificate of Membership, Honourable Mention, or the Excellence in Manufacturing). Upon the confirmation of non-compliance of inspection (did not receive a passing score), a bottler is listed as a “Candidate Bottler”. If the “Candidate Bottler” is unable to pass the inspection within two years, membership is terminated. The minimum score of 85% is required to pass the third party inspection, with no controls marked.


To date a total of 7 inspections have been completed for 2000. All have passed (one passed after corrections were made). The average passing score is 97.6%.


Model Code

Model Code has been harmonized with Canadian regulations and is attached to the Member Reports.


Logo Use

Initial filing of IBWA logo was in late 1996, with the time table for approval of 18 to 24 months. Immediately after the Denver IBWA convention and trade show, the CBWA board stopped the logo registration process based on comments from the IBWA Executive Committee.    No legal documents for logo registration are in process at this time





Alain Beaumont, Secretariat

Richard Azera, Chateau d’eau



The European Association structure has changed. Seven national associations have been formed. A total of 7 inspections have been completed this year, with an additional of 47+ to be done by year end.


Model Code

Model Code is based on European law and has been translated into other languages. The US Model Code is not applicable in Europe – Conflict with laws. NSF International assisted in the draft of the Model Code.


Logo Use

The US IBWA logo use is not encouraged in Europe. It has no meaning to consumer.


Latin America



Liza Ambrogio, Secretariat

Edgar Castillo, Fca. Bebidas Gaseosas Salvavidas



During their recent convention in Panama, a total of 98 delegates attended. Next convention will be in the Dominion Republic (2001), then will start holding convention every two years. A total of 8 inspections have been completed for 2000. Only 1 failed the inspection. HCAAP will be used.


Model Code

Using IBWA Model Code. It has been difficult to draft own, due to many countries involved.


Logo Use

No comment noted.





Marwan Nesicolaci, Universal Aqua Tech

Henry R. Hidell, III, Hidell-Eyster International

Phyllis Rokus, Reid Plastics


Yesterday the suppliers approved $40./supplier member in each Association. Collection /payment would be through the individual Associations. They will form an International Bottled Water Supplier Association and elect 2 representatives to the Council. Requested one year to organize through a subcommittee.


Stewart Allen commented that the suppliers have been a big help in organizing the International Council. Preposed the amount be rolled into overall  fees collected by each Association. Supplier participation is important.


Motioned by Tony Gentile, Allow the Suppliers one year to organize supplier Association, and give them full member status (during the one year), with no dues payable. Second by Roland Bengtsson, all in favour.



By July 1st, all Associations are to submit comments/concerns to Secretary General. If no comments by this date by all Associations, then they position will not be included.


By July 31st, the International Council Secretary General will compile the comments and forward to all Associations.


August –  Their will be 4 scheduled conference calls to formulate position (one per week). Secretary General will schedule these calls, and notify all members with 48 hours. By the end of August a final position paper will be released to all Associations.


October – During the IBWA convention in Seattle, the individual who is to present for the NGO, will do their presentation for the International Council. Unnamous position will be brought forward. Any conflicts will either be presented as conflicts within the global bottled water industry, or no comment at all will be made.


Note: The Canadian discussion paper is an official document included in the Codex report. Tony Gentile mentioned a Codex document on the reuse of water in food plants. He will e-mail this document to the Council headquarters.


Web Site


The web site will been in the stage of received quotes and basic design before the Seattle meeting.


Other Business

Booths for International Council are still available during the US convention and trade show. It was comments that all Associations should make space available to each Association during their own shows.


Australia proposed that we form an International Technical Committee, with chairmen from each Association be a part of. The Council agreed that this would be a section on the Web Site for posting minutes from each technical committee meeting of each Association.


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be in Washington, D.C. in October 2000. Proposed by Austalia, that we schedule our Spring 2001 meeting during the Asian convention and trade show in Bali. All in favour. For the Seattle meeting, contact IBWA directly for meeting space. It was requested that we allow for more time to meet.




The meeting of the International Council was terminated at 5:53 pm.