ICBWA is the leading authority for the global bottled water industry.

This is achieved by:

  • Representing the interests of the bottled water industry before international organizations and relevant stakeholders;
  • Supporting rigorous product quality standards; and 
  • Ensuring the efficient sharing of information among its members and support their actions, when appropriate

Health and Hydration are important health factors. The International Council of Bottled Water Associations, through our member associations have compiled examples from around the world on how governments are helping to educate people on healthy nutrition.

Common to all the guidelines are:

  • Everything in your diet is important.
  • Good nutrition is a life-long objective; equally applicable to the young and old.
  • Diet is only part of the equation; exercise is an important factor in overall health.
  • Foods and beverages with less saturated fat, sodium and added sugars are preferable.

*While we have tried to get the best available graphics, you will notice some of the images are not as clear as others.  We appreciate any help in obtaining higher resolution image files as well as if you are aware of other guidelines we do not list.  Email us at info@icbwa.org.